Root Canal Therapy – Northampton, MA

Providing Relief When You Need It Most

Have you ever experienced a toothache that seems to come out of nowhere? While this pain may seem to appear in an instant, it’s probably caused by infection from lack of proper oral healthcare. When this occurs, we may recommend root canal therapy to help get you out of tooth pain in Northampton while saving your dental structure at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about root canal therapy and how it can help you.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

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Root canals are often associated with pain, but their main job is actually to get you out of discomfort rather than put you in it. We use root canal therapy to remove damaged, decayed, or infected parts of the teeth without having to extract the entire tooth. This is done by creating a tiny hole to access the inside portion of your tooth called dentin. When the dentin becomes damaged or infected, it can cause serious discomfort because it contains many pain-sensing nerves. If left untreated, you’ll not only experience pain, but the infection can spread, causing even more serious problems like bone damage and tooth loss.

After making a tiny access point, one of our highly trained dentists will remove any damaged, infected, or decayed tissue. Then, they’ll fill the area with a biocompatible material called gutta percha, which strengthens the tooth. Lastly, they will mount a crown on top of the affected area to protect your tooth for years to come.

Are You a Candidate for Root Canal Therapy?

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While it can sometimes be hard to tell if you need root canal therapy, you may benefit from this treatment if you have any of these common warning signs:

  • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Severe toothaches, especially when applying pressure
  • Grey or darkly discolored tooth
  • Swelling or tender gum tissue around a tooth
  • A pimple-like abscess on the gums near a tooth

However, some patients may not notice or feel any of these symptoms but still need root canals. That’s why it’s vital to visit our office for routine checkups and cleanings. We will carefully examine your smile, taking X-Rays to make sure there isn’t any damage or infection under the surface of your teeth.

Why Root Canal Therapy is Necessary

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Hearing that you need a root canal may not be at the top of your list of favorites, however it’s much better than the alternative. We use root canal therapy to help the health of our patients, and to make them more comfortable if they have a painful toothache. But, before root canal therapy existed, the only option for pain relief was to extract your whole tooth. This is not only uncomfortable, but it will leave you with a gap in your teeth. Thankfully, we can use root canal therapy to treat patients while maintaining their beautiful smiles.

If you think you may need root canal therapy, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us today!