3 Dental Emergencies that Cause Facial Pain

March 2, 2023

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a woman visiting her emergency dentist to get help for her facial pain

Experiencing any range of discomfort can be worrisome and interrupt your day, but facial pain can be especially alarming and intrusive. If you have discomfort in your mouth, cheeks, or forehead, it can be hard to concentrate on daily tasks, such as job duties, speaking, and eating. These pains may be due to an oral health issue that needs to be treated right away. Read on to learn about three common dental emergencies that cause facial pain and require emergency dental care.

#1. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

The joint that connects your jaw to your skull is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It provides mobility and the ability to eat and speak freely. While the reasons are not entirely clear, issues that affect the ability of your temporomandibular joint to function are known as TMD. In addition to pain in your face, other symptoms include:

  • Limited jaw mobility
  • Misaligned mite
  • Swelling
  • Pain in the jaw region while speaking or chewing
  • Fatigue
  • Clicking sounds when opening or closing jaw

#2. Dry Socket

If you have recently had a tooth removed and experiencing pain in that area, it may be due to a dry socket. A blood clot is supposed to form over the extraction site to help the healing process. However, if it doesn’t form properly, it can expose bone and nerves. If you are suffering from a dry socket, you may be experiencing:

  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Blood clot around at extraction site is visibly absent
  • Throbbing or persistent pain near the extraction site

#3. Dental Abscess

When an infection travels to the inner tooth (tooth pulp), a dental abscess occurs. Harmful bacteria can invade the blood vessels and nerves in your teeth through oral health issues like gum disease, tooth decay, or dental trauma.  Abscessed tooth symptoms may include:

  • Gum or tooth sensitivity
  • Fever
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Pain that is persistent and throbbing when you chew
  • Red or swollen gums

The Importance of Vising Your Emergency Dentist

Consistent facial pain is a sign from the body that something is wrong and needs attention. All these serious oral health issues require immediate care from your emergency dentist. They can help get to the root of your discomfort and provide treatment right away. Before you know it, you will be back to enjoying a healthy and happy smile!

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