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EMA Dental is a group dental practice that has been providing Family, Prosthodontic Specialty, Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Northampton and Western Massachusettes for over 30 years. Our founder, Dr. AA Emirzian, a Harvard-trained dentist, started his dental practice in Springfield in 1942. Dr. AA Emirzian became known for his caring demeanor and as a dentist who truly listened to his patients. In 1982, Dr. AA Emirzian welcomed his daughter, Dr. Lisa Emirzian into his practice. Dr. Lisa Emirzian brought passion, energy and new techniques with her and blended them with her father’s caring chairside manner. In 1984 Dr. Vincent Mariano graduated from Tufts School of Dental Medicine’s Postgraduate Prosthodontics Program and joined EMA Dental. EMA Dental Prosthodontics became the first Prosthodontics specialty practice in Western Massachusetts. In its new home in East Longmeadow, the group practice concept was born with Dr. AA Emirzian and Dr. Lisa Emirzian leading the general practice and Dr. Mariano heading the new prosthodontic practice. In 2008 we proudly introduced EMA Dental to the Northampton community when we opened our second location to serve patients throughout the Valley as conveniently as possible.


Individual specialized dental care for the people of Northampton and East Longmeadow.

Today, we strive to attend to each patient’s needs with individual attention while catering to each individual’s unique dental healthcare goals. Our doctors and hygienists treat patients of all ages and with a variety of needs. We focus on prevention so the importance of regular exams and hygiene maintenance visits that help our patients keep their teeth and gums healthy is stressed. However, when restorations are required, we may suggest tooth-colored composite resin fillings and porcelain dental crowns for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Replacement of missing teeth can be achieved with implants, bridges, partial dentures, or full dentures.


What can I do if I don’t like my smile?

If you wish to change the appearance of a single tooth or your whole smile, cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and porcelain crowns, may be the best option. Invisalign treatment is available at EMA Dental and can straighten misaligned teeth and correct crowding without the appearance and hassle of traditional braces. We also offer a variety of professional teeth whitening services both in our Refresh Whitening Spa in East Longmeadow and in our Northampton office. Whitening erases years of accumulated stains to make your smile truly sparkle.


Our dental team which includes general dentists, prosthodontists, hygienists, dental assistants and administrative professionals caters to children as well as adults, making dental care for the whole family convenient and comfortable. Our commitment is to provide the most up-to-date, personal dental care in a modern, comfortable setting. We look forward to personally welcoming you to our EMA Dental family!

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