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LE 2012 with Camera- digital use copyrighted Robert CharlesAre you able to smile confidently?

If you are dissatisfied with your smile or have multiple imperfections compromising the beauty of your smile a Smile Makeover may be for you.  Designing a great smile is an artistic and scientific endeavor, customized for each patient. At EMA, the two aspects cannot be separated and your dentist works diligently to ensure your final results projects exactly the image you want. We also understand that no two smiles are alike and that small dental nuances can make subtle and powerful improvements. Our artistic approach and use of advanced technology will help you find the smile solution that suits you perfectly.

What is a Smile Makeover?

Body A Smile Makeover includes multiple elective dental procedures designed to completely transform your smile. The goal is to achieve harmony and balance of the teeth and face to give you a uniform and vibrant appearance. As no two smiles are the same, this is completely customizable for each individual patient. You and your dentist will discuss the aspects of your smile you’d like to improve as well as your overall treatment goals. Through a comprehensive exam, diagnostic technology and advanced imaging your dentist will determine the procedures most beneficial to achieve your desired smile.

This can include but is not limited to…

– Cosmetic Bonding and Teeth Contouring
– Smile Whitening
– Porcelain Veneers
– All Ceramic Crowns
– Replacement of Missing Teeth
– Cosmetic Orthodontics and/or Invisalign
– Gumline Reshaping

Advantages of a Smile Makeover

The greatest advantage of your Smile Makeover is consistency.  When creating your new smile requires multiple procedures it is best to have these completed by the same dentist., as one would have a painting completely by the same painter. This avoids variances with several dentists including artistry, materials and technique.  Additionally, a Smile Makeover offers efficiency and the ability to group procedures together, effectively saving you time and office visits.  Lastly, by providing a comprehensive solution for your smile you are able to avoid redundant dental procedures and keep your future costs low and affordable.

What else should I know?

Establishing Your Oral Health – A Smile Makeover is designed to address your cosmetic concerns and allow you to put your best smile forward. However, pre-existing oral health conditions must be addressed before moving forward with redesigning your smile. Your dentist will want to address tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ issues, and any broken or faulty dental work prior to beginning your smile transformation. Your oral health is paramount to ensure a stable foundation for your smile makeover.

Managing Expectations – Clear communication between you and your dentist is key to designing your smile. Our goal is to create a smile that is both beautiful and natural; one that radiates subtle and yet powerful changes. We want to set clear and reasonable goals together to design a smile that will be unique to you alone.

Cost of a Smile Makeover – Your smile makeover is a life changing investment. For our part, we strive to make our procedures affordable without compromising our level of care. Determining parameters for your smile makeover budget will help us create a plan that works for you. We offer financing and the ability to phase your treatment over several months to keep your payments affordable.


Smile Makeovers Before & After Preview

Smile Makeover | Before Smile Makeover | After

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