Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover in East Longmeadow & Northampton, MA

Cosmetic & Aesthetic dentistry can help to restore your smile or give you the smile you’ve always dreamed about. EMA Dental offers everything from teeth whitening and bonding to porcelain veneers and all-ceramic cosmetic restorations to complete smile makeovers. Led by Dr. Lisa B. Emirzian, our doctors in East Longmeadow & Northampton, MA will listen to your aesthetic goals and put together a treatment plan that is customized for you. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Emirzian has been committed to furthering her expertise in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry through continuing education. She has developed a reputation as the finest in smile makeovers with a feminine touch. Click on any of the links below to learn more a procedure.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth brightens your smile for instant impact. With several whitening options available including convenient and relaxing in-office whitening and at-home whitening, our professional whitening team will help you to select the best method for you. We believe that everyone deserves a great smile and our experience and dedication to helping you achieve your personal goals will ensure that you will achieve the results you desire. Please click on the link below to learn more.

Smile Makeovers

Designing a great smile is an artistic and scientific endeavor. These two aspects cannot be separated. At EMA Dental, we work diligently to ensure that you walk out of our office projecting exactly the image you want. We understand the dental nuances that can make subtle, yet powerful improvements. We also understand that no two smiles are alike. Our experience, artistic approach and use of advanced technology will help you find the smile solution that suits you perfectly. Please click on the link below to learn more.


Dental bonding is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin material (a durable plastic material) is applied and hardened with a special light, which ultimately “bonds” the material to the tooth to restore or improve person’s smile. Please click on the link below to learn more.

Porcelain Veneers | Before and afterPorcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a shell made from thin high-quality ceramic that are bonded to the top and front part of the tooth. Porcelain veneers are a great option to aesthetically improve the appearance of crooked, misshapen, misaligned, chipped or discolored teeth. They are a popular solution because the results are relatively easy to achieve and the only thing others will notice is the improvement in appearance. Please click on the link below to learn more.

All-Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic crowns have created a new standard in cosmetic dentistry. The advantage of all-ceramic crowns over traditional metal ceramic crowns is their ability to permit better light transmission through the body of the tooth, creating a completely natural appearance. All-ceramic crowns are the jewel of esthetic dentistry, but are just one option available and based on the location of a crown in the mouth and a patient’s intraoral forces, the doctors at EMA will advise as to which crown system is best for both functional and cosmetic needs. Please click on the link below to learn more.


To enhance your smile and easily straighten your teeth without bands, brackets or wires, EMA Dental offers Invisalign as a comfortable alternative to conventional braces. This technology allows you to invisibly straighten teeth through a series of clear, removable aligners. Your teeth are moved little by little to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Please click on the link below to learn more.