Offering All-Ceramic Crowns

Springfield, MA – EMA Dental, a Springfield MA dentist office, proudly provides our patients with all-ceramic crowns for the finest aesthetic outcomes possible.
“A new standard in cosmetic dentistry has been created by all-ceramic crowns,”says Dr. Lisa Emirzian, our Springfield, MA dental implants provider. “Our patients are very pleased with the appearance and feel of the crowns.”

Crowns are used to encase the part of the tooth that shows above the gumline. “We use them for a number of reasons, such as: shielding a weak tooth, repairing a broken tooth, protecting and supporting a tooth with a large filling, or obscuring misshaped or badly discolored teeth,” explains Emirzian, a Springfield, MA general dentist.
All-ceramic crowns provide one huge benefit compared to traditional metal-ceramic crowns: they allow more light transmission through the tooth’s body. This creates a far more natural appearance, so the crown will resemble a more natural tooth. All-ceramic restorations also require that we remove less of the natural tooth’s structure. They stay in position through micromechanical and chemical bonding. “All-ceramic crowns are the best aesthetic choice, but they aren’t the right option for every person in every situation,” notes Emirzian, a Springfield, MATeeth Whitening specialist. “They are only one of the different choices available.”

Depending on the tooth’s position in the mouth and the patient’s intra-oral forces, various types of crowns are the best choice for functional and aesthetic reasons. For example, when patients clench or grind their teeth excessively, all-metal crowns run less risk of fracturing. Or, if the tooth has little or no enamel left, it may not provide enough surface area for adhesive bonding to the ceramic crown. Our Amherst dentists can give you advice about which kind of crown is right for you.

“At EMA, we offer state-of-the-art ceramic crowns,” observes Emirzian, a Springfield, MA Invisalign provider. “We can obtain the best cosmetic results without using metal. Additionally, we can treat your functional dental issues while addressing aesthetic considerations. Our patients really appreciate the results.”

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