Five Tips for Keeping Teeth White

NORTHAMPTON, PIONEER VALLEY AND SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS — No doubt an important characteristic of a beautiful smile is its brilliance. Eye-catching smiles are not only healthy, but also bright. But how do you achieve pearly whites that are sure to light up any room?

“Aesthetically appealing smiles begin with good oral health,” said Dr. Lisa Emirzian, a Pioneer Valley dentist and esthetic dentistry specialist at EMA Dental. “The better patients take care of their teeth, the more likely they are to have a white smile.”

Besides maintaining good oral health, there are five effortless and affordable ways you can achieve the luminous smile you have always wanted.

  1. Eat crisp fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Their abrasiveness helps remove tooth stains. Fruits and vegetables that are known as “nature’s toothbrush” include apples, celery and raw carrots.
  2. Avoid consuming dark-colored drinks like sodas, coffee and red wine. These types of beverages easily stain teeth. If you choose to drink them, use a straw and wait at least 30 minutes after consumption to brush so the acids found in these beverages are not spread around your mouth.
  3. Stay away from tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco, which not only discolor teeth over time, but can also increase your chances of developing gum disease and oral cancer.
  4. Invest in a good tooth brush and replace it every two to three months so as much plaque as possible is lifted from teeth, and bacteria is not transferred to and moved around your mouth.
  5. Take advantage of professional whitening treatments offered by cosmetic dentistry practices like EMA Dental. EMA Dental offers 30-minute and 60-minute in-office treatments, custom trays for at-home whitening and ZOOM! whitening. Professional whitening treatments can offer dramatic results in a short amount of time.

Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Emirzian desire to help you have the smile of your dreams and offer a variety of services as to meet every aesthetic need. That is why they provide treatments, like Invisalign, smile makeovers, bonding and ZOOM!whitening. If you are interested in improving the appearance of your smile, contact EMA Dental today to schedule a consultation and learn what treatment is best for you.

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