Dental Crowns

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dental-toothOur goal is to give you the most natural looking smile possible. We want your dental restorations to be undetectable. When a tooth cannot be restored with a filling, a crown is a great option and a great crown will look and feel like your natural tooth. A dental crown is a cap placed over the part of the tooth that sits above the gum line. As one of EMA Dental’s restorative dentistry options, a crown is typically recommended to cover a tooth to restore its shape and size, to improve strength, and/or improve its appearance.

What is the Process and How Much Time Does it Take?

In most cases, two visits are required. At the first visit, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned so all decay is removed. Any shaping work that is needed for the tooth is also taken care of at this time. An impression is taken and a temporary crown made and placed. Your doctor will send your case out to a lab that was carefully chosen to create your crown so that the end result is a restoration that will look and perform like your natural tooth for years to come. When the crown is back from the lab, you will return for your second office visit to have the crown seated. Your doctor will check to make sure the crown fits properly and will then permanently secure it in place.

Long Lasting Benefits of Crowns:

• Fixes damaged or deformed teeth
• Allows normal chewing that was prevented with damaged teeth
• Replaces absent teeth for improved health and appearance
• Gives the smile a natural, attractive appearance

Dental Crowns Before & After Preview


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