All-Ceramic Crowns

For teeth that cannot be restored with a filling, a dental crown is a great option for restoring your tooth’s natural form and function.   

A dental crown is a tooth cap placed over the tooth to restore its size and shape, improve strength and/or improve esthetic appearance. All ceramic crowns have created a new standard in cosmetic dentistry. They allow your dental restorations to be beautiful yet undetectable, giving you the most natural looking smile possible. All ceramic crowns are the jewel of aesthetic dentistry and can be made of various materials to suit your cosmetic and functional needs.c

What is an All Ceramic Crown?

Ceramic CrownsBody All ceramic crowns are made entirely of full thickness high quality ceramic material. They serve the same function as more traditional crowns such as to protect weakened teeth, restore broken teeth, maintain a dental bridge, or to correct discolored and misshapen teeth.  What makes these crowns unique and esthetically superior over traditional metal or gold crowns is their ability to permit better light transmission through the body of the tooth. The thicker and more translucent porcelain can better mimic the way light penetrates the enamel of a natural tooth. This creates a superior looking restoration that mimics the lustrous look of natural teeth and is virtually undetectable.

What does the procedure entail?

All ceramic crowns typically require two in office appointments after initial consultation with your dentist.  At the first visit, your dentist will remove any tooth decay and begin reshaping the teeth to accept a tooth cap.  An impression is taken to make a physical model of your teeth that is then sent to a carefully chosen dental laboratory to create your crowns.  A temporary crown will be made for you in-ffice to be worn whle your permanent crowns are being made. After about three weeks (CHECK TIMEFRAME FOR CROWNS AT EMA) you will return to our office for a second visit for your all ceramic crowns to be permanently seated. Your dentist will permanently cement your crowns using a light sensitive resin cement to bond them to your tooth and achieve optimal esthetics. The end result is a restoration that will look and perform like your natural tooth for years to come!

What are the advantages of All Ceramic Crowns?

• Superior esthetics. The resulting restorations are lifelike, natural and unmatched by traditional metal ceramic or gold crowns.
• Ideal for fixing damaged or deformed anterior teeth where esthetics is of critical importance
• No risk of metal show through or metal edge
• Corrects discoloration of teeth without the process of teeth whitening
• Allows normal chewing that was prevented with damaged teeth
• Replaces absent teeth for improved health and appearance through the use of a dental bridge
• Gives the smile the most natural, attractive appearance possible with a crown
• Maintenance of natural teeth for a more affordable dental treatment option than dental implants in the future

What are the disadvantages of All Ceramic Crowns?

• All ceramic crowns contain no metal and thus typically cannot compare in terms of durability and longevity to metal or metal ceramic crowns. There is a noted esthetic to strength trade off. However, there is another option that combines the esthetic advantages of all ceramic and the strength of metal. Recent studies have shown that a new material, monolithic zirconium, may be stronger and more resistant to chipping and fracturing than conventional metal ceramic crowns.
• For this reason, all ceramic crown are not recommended in situations where strength and longevity are vital
• The Doctors at EMA will advise you as to which crown system is best for both your cosmetic and functional needs.

Who is a candidate for All Ceramic Crowns?

All ceramic crowns are ideal for patients looking to restore the natural form and function of their teeth in the esthetic zone. Their superior esthetics allows them to mimic the lustrous appearance of natural teeth and be virtually undetectable.  They are not recommended for severe bruxers or in posterior stress bearing areas due the nature of the material. The Doctors at EMA will advise you as to if All Ceramic Crowns are the best of many options to give you your best smile!

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