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Unfortunately, there are times where a tooth cannot be saved ,whether due to trauma or disease, and needs to be removed. A permanent replacement is needed for the tooth, and ceramic crowns offer the best look and feel compared to a natural tooth. A dental implant offers ideal stability for the replacement tooth so there is no worry of the crown not having a secure and comfortable fit.

After a damaged tooth is removed, a dental implant is placed into the jawbone and the mouth is given time to heal. In the meantime, the ceramic crown is custom-made for a patient in a dental lab. When the crown is ready, a patient has it attached to the implant where it’s bonded into place. The crown looks and feels like a normal tooth, and the patient can enjoy having their full smile again.

One-Piece Implants Help When Patients Need Quick Results

If a patient needs relief from pain quickly, a one-piece implant might be the right choice. With one-piece implants, a patient gets a nice-looking result and the immediate use of their teeth and mouth just like normal.

Although one-piece implants are a faster solution than other types of dental implants, they usually need four office visits to put in. There is minimal downtime needed, and after the last visit, patients can usually return to work the next day. One-piece implants are a long-term solution with great looking results.

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