Women And Gum Health

EAST LONGMEADOW, NORTHAMPTON AND SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS – Women can go through many changes throughout their lifetime. Hormonal fluctuations can affect many tissues, including the gums.
Studies have shown that women are more likely to have regular dental check-ups and schedule the recommended treatment. Also, women are 26 percent more likely to floss on a daily basis, according to information found on the American Academy of Periodontology website.
“Although women tend to take better care of their oral health, the hormonal fluctuations can affects the gums greatly,” says provider of, cosmetic dentistry Springfield MA dentist Dr. Vincent J. Mariano of EMA Dental. “Some women may not realize they have it until it gets into the advanced stages.
Dr. Mariano and Dr. Lisa B. Emirzian discuss the stages of a woman’s life in which gum health can be compromised and the steps to protect your oral health.
Adolescence and Puberty
As a female goes through puberty, an increased level of progesterone and estrogen can cause the blood circulation to the gums to increase. This can lead to an increase in the sensitivity to your gums.
“A good at-home oral hygiene regimen is important, in order to keep the gums from becoming swollen and red,” says Dr. Emirzian, a provider of invisalign andporcelain veneers at EMA Dental. “The tendency for your gums to swell will lessen as puberty progresses.”
Throughout Pregnancy
During the first trimester, a woman can experience increased gingivitis that may increase throughout the pregnancy. Women may notice bleeding, sensitivity and swelling of the gum tissue during this period.
Pregnant women, who suffer from gum disease, can be more likely to deliver a baby pre-term with a low birth weight, according to the American Academy of Periodontology website.
Menopausal women may notice changes in their mouth. Dry mouth, pain and burning of the gum tissue can occur, as well as an altered taste.”Women need to keep a close eye on the look and color of their gums,” says prosthodontic expert Dr. Mariano of EMA Dental, a practice that can also provide a family dentist. “You should contact a specialist if your gums look dry or shiny and range from a pale to deep read color.”
Many Springfield MA dentists would agree that seeing a dental professional regularly, brushing and flossing daily, and contacting your dentist if you notice any problems with your gums can all help to ensure good oral health.
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