Western Mass Dentist Explains the Benefits of Veneers

Western Mass, MA- Veneers can completely reshape your teeth and smile, points out Dr. Vincent Mariano, a Western Mass provider of dental implants. They can often be alternatives to crowns and the ideal solution in treating many dental conditions. They can create that beautiful smile you’re seeking.
Western Mass dentist Dr. Emirzian finds veneers useful to address a variety of problems:

Stained teeth – Some stained teeth can be improved by teeth whitening, but those that can’t are often candidates for dental veneers, which will cover any stains on your teeth.

Teeth that are misshapen or too large or small – Veneers can present a uniform appearance to create a beautiful smile.
Damaged teeth – Patients sometimes have teeth that are badly worn because of excessive grinding or by carbonated drinks; other patients’ teeth are chipped or broken. All of these teeth can benefit from veneers. A small chip on a tooth can be fixed with composite veneers. If you have one damaged tooth, it can be repaired with a porcelain veneer that resembles the rest of your teeth.

Gaps – Spaces between your teeth can be closed with veneers to give you a uniform-looking smile.
Crooked teeth – Veneers can be used on teeth that are not severely crooked to create straighter, more aligned smiles. However, veneers cannot treat severely crooked teeth. Only braces or Invisalign invisible braces can do so.

Porcelain vs. Composite
Porcelain veneers are the most popular type because they are stronger and more durable than composites. Composite veneers stain more easily and do not last as long. Although composite veneers are less costly, porcelain offers a more natural-looking, translucent appearance. However, composite is ideal for small chips.

“Neither type of veneer is permanent,” says Mariano, a Western Mass cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist. “Porcelain veneers will typically last between five and ten years, while composite veneers last considerably less!”

The Veneer Process
At EMA Dental’s Western Mass dentistry practice, veneers can usually be completed in two visits. First, the doctor readies the teeth by lightly shaping the surface to prepare for the veneer’s thickness. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth and you and your dentist select the desired tooth color.

On the second visit, the teeth will be cleansed with special liquids to achieve a durable bond. Bonding cement is then placed between the tooth and veneer and a special light beam is used to harden and set the bond.

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To learn more about the services offered by Western MA’s EMA Dental, visit EMA Dental’s Web site: http://www.emadental.com/ for more information or to schedule a consultation at their Northampton or East Longmeadow locations. Or, if you would like to speak with an EMA Dental team member, call: 413-731-8800.

About EMA Dental:
With offices in Longmeadow MA and Northampton MA, Western Mass’s general dental care provider EMA Dental is a multi-specialty practice committed to providing state-of-the-art dental care of the highest quality in a comfortable environment. Whether you are looking for routine dental care and maintenance, a complete smile makeover, Invisalign, or dental implants, EMA Dental has all of the resources available to help you reach your goal.

From the front desk where you will be taken care of by a highly qualified, compassionate administrative team to the clinic, where you will find an energetic, detail-oriented, highly-trained clinical assistant team and doctors that are second to none, we trust that your experience will exemplify our commitment to excellence in dentistry. The secret of EMA Dental Group isn’t what can be seen or touched, but what can be felt and sensed in our staff: commitment to your dental health.

Western MA cosmetic dentist Dr. Emirzian, along with Dr. Mariano, and their associates encourage patients to involve themselves in their treatment. Together with your doctor you can choose the treatment that is right for you. Knowledgeable, informed, involved patients are most likely to achieve the highest level of dental health.

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