Testimonials in Springfield MA, Longmeadow MA and Area

I’ve been a patient of EMA Dental for several years. The entire staff is friendly, accommodating, and attentive to my dental details, which is comforting considering the number of friends and family who go elsewhere with poor results. I care too much about my dental care to trust it to anybody else..

John Holloway-Bidwell

Everyone at EMA Dental, from the front desk to the treating dentists, are true professionals. Their services are provided at the highest level in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I feel fortunate to be a patient of EMA Dental.

Charles Hapcook, DDS

I have neglected my teeth for many years and I was embarrassed by the appearance of my smile. My dad had come to EMA years ago and he had a good experience so when I decided that it was time for me to focus on myself, I knew I needed to go to EMA. Everyone at EMA made me feel so comfortable; never ashamed, always positive. I needed extensive work including extractions, implants, grafting, bridgework and I also have had hygiene and teeth whitening done. Going to EMA is like going to a spa! Everyone is always so professional and pleasant and the administrative staff is always so accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. Dr. Mariano’s assistants are so knowledgeable and they are always thoughtful of my needs. So glad I came to EMA!


EMA Dental is a caring and professional group of people. They always greet you as if you’re their only patient. Their friendly manner puts you at ease for all work being done. I have worked with Dr. Mariano for 2 years to improve my dental work. We finished today with a new beautiful smile for me. It’s been a great 2 years! Thanks to all.

Felicia Skowyra

Dr. Emirzian, Thank you for my new smile. I am so thrilled with the wonderful work you did. The results far surpassed my expectations. I am not embarrassed to smile. My self esteem has soared… You were professional, kind and painless. You are an artist and a doctor. Thanks to you again.

Luanne Sunstrom

I thank you [Dr. Emirzian] for your overall kindness, your financial considerations, and excellence through and through. I thank you for the extra-awesome you add to everything that you do! It has been an extreme pleasure to benefit from your impeccable work and generous offerings. You are a true healer and game changer.

Elana Cohen

Everyone is so professional here. They always make sure all of my needs are met. This is definitely the best dental experience every time!! My smile always looks and feels amazing when I leave EMA Dental.

Marha Houle

My dental experience today was exceptional. From Jennifer at the front desk to Jenn in the chair to Rebecca overseeing, it was comfortable and informative. Thanks to all.

Richard White

Acid reflux and years of grinding my teeth severely damaged both my upper and lower front teeth. My dentist referred me to Dr. Vincent Mariano. She thought my teeth were too tiny for crowns, but said if anyone could help me, it was Dr. Mariano. Beginning with my initial evaluation to finishing with my crowns, the entire experience of visiting both EMA offices in Northampton and East Longmeadow was an absolute pleasure! From Amy, the Northampton receptionist, Jenn R. the billing clerk, Tracy and Sarah stepping in for Chrissy, Evelyn my Hygienist, Chrissy (my favorite dental assistant) to, of course, Dr. Mariano. All are the most friendly, caring, and truly professional of dental experts! My tiny teeth were quite a challenge for Dr. Mariano, but I’m glad he is such a perfectionist! I needed 6 root canals, and Dr. Mariano referred me to Dr. Johnson at their EMA office… yet another expert in his field. Believe me, if you ever need a painless root canal, Dr. Johnson is your man! …So, now I have 12 beautiful new crowns (6 on top and 6 on the bottom). My smile is now comparable to my teeth as a 16 year old! I’m so glad [my dentist] referred me to Dr. Mariano and his team. I highly recommend EMA Dental. Believe me, if you’re lucky enough to be an EMA patient, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you EMA Team for all you have done for me!


Dr. Cohen and Connie always make going to the dentist a pleasure. They give you options without pressure and always make you feel very comfortable. Thank you for being my family’s dental team!

Wendy Pollack

I just wanted to send my thanks! Thank you to all who help me from the desk staff to the hygienists to the people who make and fit my crowns. I was terrified of the dentist until years ago someone recommended that I go to Dr. Emirzian. Thank you especially for my most recent visit. Thank you to Dr. Cohen and Tracey for my new crown. It is PERFECT!! Feels so good! You ALL are the BEST!

Sally Imhoff

I didn’t know what to expect when I came in for my teeth whitening. It was relaxing, very comfortable, and mostly, professional in every way. I would recommend this treatment and spa to anyone, family and friends. I am looking forward to my next visit in six months! Very generous and kind staff.

Donna Gamble

When I couldn’t talk my dentist out of retiring ten years ago, I asked him for a recommendation for the best dental office in the Springfield area. He said his dentist uses EMA Dental. That was good enough for me, so I called and made an appointment. You said my gums were in need of improvement, you set me up on a 3 month program with your hygienist. I kept on that schedule and my gums are in the best shape of my life. Along the way I’ve had problems with worn and broken teeth. My problem became your problem and you fixed me with a combination of state of the art implants and crowns. Finally you made me look 10 years younger by doing all my front teeth with crowns. You have always exceeded my expectations with your professionalism and quality of work. I feel and look better than I did 10 years ago when I first walked into your office. I guess my old dentist was right.

Paul H. Drake Southwick

Dr. Lisa Emirzian and the entire team at EMA dental are always extremely professional, helpful and friendly. I have been a patient of Dr Emirzian’s for 5 years and have had extensive work done over that time. The gaps between my upper and lower teeth were bothering me, and after a thorough explanation, Dr. Emirzian used “bonding material” to close several gaps and changed the overall shape of my smile. Thank you to Dr. Emirzian and her staff for making the smile of my dreams a reality. I would highly recommend EMA Dental to anyone!

Rita Fereshetian

I recently had an implant procedure with Dr. Mariano and his assistants, Chris and Amy. As always, they were kind, very considerate of my needs and well-being, and extremely efficient and professional. I always feel like I have placed myself in the best hands when I go to EMA. Laura, Dottie and April at the front desk have been particularly helpful both before and after my procedure with answering my questions as they come up. Everyone at EMA is wonderful! I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Mariano and his staff. Going there is like being a part of the EMA family!

Judith Bauman

I came to Dr. Emirzian for General Dentistry based on the recommendation of family and friends. During a regular checkup, she discovered that my front tooth was in serious jeopardy and that I would soon loose the tooth. She guided me through a series of very complex options. I decided to actually undergo orthodontia as part of the treatment plan. She was the lead clinician and expertly coordinated my care over a three year period, involving tooth extraction, adult orthodontia, a front tooth implant by an oral surgeon, and eventual crowns and/or veneers on my six front teeth. Dr. Emirzian did an incredible job coordinating my care between EMA, my oral surgeon and my orthodontist. Her skill with aesthetic dentistry is superb. In addition, her entire staff was consistently professional, competent and the model for a modern dentistry practice. Absolutely the best dental practice and one of the finest health care practices I’ve experienced. I would highly recommend EMA for any type of dental care!!!

Melinda Lee

When I came to see you that first time I was struck by what a good listener you are. My story was long and complicated but I never felt rushed by you. I don’t think I ever felt so totally heard by a dentist or other health professional before.

Nora Albert

EMA Dental is the most wonderful group. The dentists there are the best! I had a lot of pain in a tooth and it has been resolved. I was then able to put in a beautiful porcelain crown that looks wonderful. Everything that EMA does is with class and kindness. You will never be happier with any other group. That my husband and I can guarantee you. Best wishes for your smiles,

Barbara & Mark Bridge

Dr. Lisa Emirzian’s “miracle work” in my mouth since I’ve been her dental patient reminds me of something Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) wrote in You Can’t Go Home Again: “If a man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded, and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know.” With Jeannie and Amy assisting; with her drill in her strong and steady hand; with her unbeatable chairside manner… she has it all.

Norma Bialas

Going to the dentist, at EMA Dental, is a total joy. Surprised? Go and find out. Everyone working was born cordial. They smile with perfect teeth. But they care, they really do and I base that on 20 years of life experience. There’s no other dental office in this whole United States that is more warm and friendly than EMA. I’m so proud of what they do for every patient. I guarantee it.

Dr. Sidney Simon

“A couple of years ago, I was having difficulty with my teeth. A very close friend of mine suggested EMA Dental to get an assessment. That was the best thing I ever did. After the assessment several plans were chosen for my restoration. After talking with Dr. Mariano, we chose a plan I should follow. The plan was finished in a year and a half. That may seem like a long time but there was a lot to do. The procedures were done with little or no discomfort, I didn’t even lose time from work. The entire staff treated me very well, they were outstanding. They saw to my every comfort while in treatment. Today, I feel good and my smile looks great. Along with this, my quality of life has been improved. If you’re a person who is looking for a great smile, look no more. EMA Dental is the right choice. Once again, thanks to the entire staff for helping me through this process.”

Jim Moriarty

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did in giving me a beautiful, sparkling smile! You fulfilled a life-long dream and goal. I love my new smile!!

Judy Usher

“As someone with a long history of dental trauma related to a cleft palate, I am so relieved to have found a dental practice that has made it possible for me to replace a 30-year old bridge. From the first consultation with Dr. Emirzian, I knew I was in skillful hands. Dr. Emirzian has a gentle approach with an artist’s eye for symmetry. The office staff and dental assistants have been competent and professional, and seem to truly enjoy their work. I have been guided and supported through the process, from the financial consultation to in-office teeth whitening. I finally feel I have teeth worth showing off and I can smile with confidence.”

Patricia Riggs

“I want to thank you for changing my life 22 years ago when I first set foot in your office. For the first time I was proud to smile and show my great teeth! You did a lot of intensive work to transform horrible teeth into a great smile that I was proud to show. The compliments that I had received from friends and professionals were unbelievable. My self esteem soared, I landed a great job, and even after years, my smile gave me confidence to go back to college at age 45 years old and pursue a new profession as a Registered Nurse. I still credit your skill for opening doors for me because I was able to smile and the power of a smile is priceless. Now after 22 years, again you have used your magic to replace and even improve the original smile that you created. I can’t say “thank you enough!!! Your staff is outstanding also. I have felt like a part of the family since day one. Please continue to use your talents to change other’s lives and open doors with a great smile and fantastic healthy teeth! I will sing your praises to the day I die. Thank you God for bringing me into this office and meeting Dr. Mariano!!!”

Sharon Spignesi

“I’ve spent many years being grateful to Dr. Mariano for the wonderful job he did preparing a bridge for me when I lived in Northampton. I cannot imagine someone doing a better job. I have since moved to Seattle but recently, during a visit to Massachusetts, I had a “20 year check-up.” Dr. Mariano was as welcoming, conscientious and skillful as I remembered him to be. I never expected my bridge to last this long but my teeth look as good as they ever did. They checked out very well and I expect to have many more years of use. I would heartily recommend Dr. Mariano. If I ever need any repairs or implants, he’s the Prosthodontist I would choose–even living 3000 miles away!”

Mark Harrison

“I want to thank each and every one for the wonderful care I received during my evaluation, teeth cleaning and dental procedure… [At] first I pondered the 45 minute drive… Oh so worth the trip. I never felt so pampered, this is the first time I ever enjoyed myself at the dentist. I’m bragging to everyone! Thank you everyone!”

Sharon Wysk

“Something strange has occurred since my last visit to your office. Even my wife has noticed that I can no longer go by a mirror without hesitating to flash a smile. With this new found vanity, I have examined my new smile repeatedly, from near and far. And only one word best sums up the result. Outstanding! The color, anatomy, and the finish are just perfect. Patients don’t usually realize how much work is involved in acquiring the skills to master these techniques. But I know that results like this don’t just happen. It requires not only the skills of a dedicated professional, but also the creative ability of an artist. I want to thank you for the meticulous appreciation of your talents in the restoration of my smile.”

Gerard J. Thibault D.D.S.

“No one enjoys a visit to the dentist, but you have made the visit as pleasurable as possible. As a retired vice president in industry, I realize how important the customer orientation is to the success of any venture. You have accomplished this extremely well. Excellence is the best word for it. The quality of your work is also the best.”

Bill & Herta Linnell

Thanks so much for all your professionalism, kindness and patience during all my dental work. You all are truly a very special group of people.
Barbara & Stephen Greenwald

This note of thanks is long overdue. I cannot thank you enough for what you did to allow me to eat and smile again. A few years ago I was depressed thinking I had no alternatives. I couldn’t stand the partial and I couldn’t talk, smile or eat with 4 ½ teeth! When you told me on my first visit that you could help me, I walked on air – really!

Eloise Clark

“I had the wonderful experience of being fitted with implants as an improvement for the attachment of my upper partial. Eliminating the clasps and not always worrying about sliding it over the supporting teeth made such a big difference in my life. It not only improved my smile, but also added so much peace to my emotional health. With only a “click” now, the partial goes in or out. As a long-time patient I am always impressed by [the doctor’s] expertise and the gifted staff in the office.”

Inge Mahlo

“This letter is to express my appreciation for your good care and professionalism in handling my extensive dental work, which was long overdue! I live in southwestern New Hampshire… it was well worth the long drive! Thanks for waltzing into my life… you have reinvented my smile! In short, my sincere thanks to you and all of your staff, for your warm and patient demeanor.”

Kathy Dearborn-Weed

“I want everyone there to know how much I appreciate all of the hard work and dedication toward my case, especially today. Dr. Lee, Dr. Mariano and Dr. Emirzian were tireless in finding a solution for the hardware issue with my implant, and Sarah went above and beyond, not just in assisting the doctors, but in making sure I was comfortable. Driving home I went from feeling rather tired and stressed about work, to feeling really grateful for the tenacious team approach that was offered to me at EMA.”

Lisa Hunt

“Over the years I have had lots of experience with dentists. My experience here has enabled me to finally get over my fears. I have incredible confidence in the dentists and dental assistants, hygienists and staff. I love the fact that they continue to be in the forefront of dental education.”

Jan Dumond-Neiman