Prosthodontic Specialty Care

A Prosthodontist is a trained specialist in prosthetic dentistry; one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA). Training for this specialty requires four years of dental school plus an additional three years of prosthodontic training in areas such as crowns, bridgework, dentures, temporomandibular joint function, dental implants and cosmetics. Patients with complex dental conditions or those who are contemplating dental implants or major changes to the esthetics of their smile should consult with a proshtodontist to assure the best possible care for their condition.

EMA Prosthodontics provides state of the art esthetics, implants and reconstructive dentistry. We have long understood the importance of the working relationships between the multiple facets of care necessary for optimal oral health. Prosthodontists routinely coordinate multi-specialty treatment approaches for complex dental conditions. Our patients are referred to us by other specialists, other dentists, and our family of satisfied patients. Beyond technical excellence, our patients have come to appreciate the degree to which we value the patient relationship- one of our hallmarks.

Dental Implants

Sometimes a tooth cannot be restored. In these instances, a permanent replacement tooth is necessary. If a damaged tooth is still present it will be removed completely, and then a dental implant will be placed. A dental abutment and crown that fits over the implant will look and act like your natural tooth once did. Please click on the link below to learn more about dental implants.

Removable Prostheses

A dental prosthesis is used to replace missing teeth in a cost-effective way. It serves to rehabilitate jaw and chewing ability while improving aesthetics and speech. We are proud to offer a number of cost-effective, removable tooth replacement options including removable partial dentures, removable full dentures and implant-retained dentures. Please click on the link below to learn more about removable prostheses.