Are Root Canals Painful?

An infection in a tooth can cause a great deal of pain. The pain can be constant, and eating or drinking can be torture. In such cases, you canhappy woman with healthy smile
either opt to have the tooth removed or have a root canal.

Bacteria cause tooth infections. When we eat, tiny particles of food become lodged on and between our teeth. If you don’t brush regularly and effectively these food particles attract bacteria. That bacteria causes decay on your teeth, and decay will eventually allow bacteria to infect the pulp inside the teeth. An abscess and severe pain will come next.

Extraction is one of the options that are available for treating an infected tooth. However, if you do that, you will either have a missing tooth or will need to get an implant to replace it. Alternatively, a root canal will relieve the pain, and let you keep your tooth.

At EMA Dental, we perform root canals every day. And, contrary to popular belief, they are relatively painless. All you will need is local anesthetic. Pain during recovery is minimal, too. Root canals are an outpatient procedure.

The pain caused by an infected or abscessed tooth can be extreme. Your best option is a root canal to stop the pain and save the tooth.

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