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NORTHAMPTON AND EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS – Prepare yourself for World No Tobacco Day, coming up May 31, 2012.

This event is a day for people, non-government and government organizations, to educate the public on the effects of tobacco use. Some activities include public marches and educational programs aimed at education and encouragement to stop smoking. The theme for this year is “tobacco industry interference.”

All forms of tobacco are dangerous to your health. These include cigarettes and cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco and snuff.

Medical research made it clear during the 1900s that tobacco use increased the likelihood of many illnesses including heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and many types of cancer, according to the Time and Date website.

The Northampton dentists at EMA Dental use this day to educate patients of the effects of tobacco use.

Tobacco may be one of the most significant risk factors in the development and progression of gum disease, which is an inflammation of the gums and bones surrounding the teeth. The gums begin to pull away from the tooth, bone begins to deteriorate and the tooth may fall out.

“Smokers tend to lose more teeth than non-smokers,” says prosthodontist Dr. Vincent J. Mariano of EMA Dental, a multi-service family dentistry practice. “Also, it can take longer for a smoker to heal from periodontal treatment.”

These effects can be reversed if the patient quits the habit before treatment begins, according the American Academy of Periodontology website.

Other consequences of tobacco use include:

• Discoloration of the teeth
• Halitosis
• Increased buildup of plaque
• Higher chance of bone loss within the jaw
• Higher risk of leukoplakia, which is white patches in the mouth
• Increased risk of oral cancer

If tooth loss occurs, a dental implant can be an option. However, it is best to kick the habit before signs of trouble appear.

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