Offering a Variety of Implant Options

Springfield MA – If you have a missing tooth or a situation where both tooth and root are damaged, then you might be a candidate for a dental implant, points out Springfield MA dental implants provider Dr. Vincent Mariano. Implants are artificial tooth roots that anchor replacement teeth directly within the bone, making them more stable and natural feeling than many other tooth replacement options.

Traditionally dental implants are surgically placed in two steps: an initial surgery to place the anchor in the jaw bone, and a second surgery to attach the post and replacement tooth to the anchor.” Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, however,” notes Dr. Mariano, a Springfield MA porcelain veneers provider. “You must be in good physical condition, have healthy gums, and have enough bone in your jaw.” “One of many new accelerated implant treatment approaches is ‘Teeth in a Day,’ which utilizes a combination implant and post unit, necessitating only one surgical procedure,” explains Dr. Mariano, a Springfield MA dentistry expert. One of the advantages of this option is that the patient does not need to wear a temporary crown for several weeks.

The Springfield MA dentist also offers “Teeth-in-an-Hour,” an innovative method in which the dentist uses a 3-D CAT scan to take detailed measurements of the patient’s jaw. This allows the dental lab to create a very precise implant which will fit the patient’s jaw exactly. While placing the implant, the doctor is guided by a computer. The patient spends less time in the chair and less time recovering. Dr. Mariano completed New England’s first Teeth-in-an-Hour operation in 2006. His Springfield MA general dentistry office, EMA Dental, offers a wide variety of dental services.

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