Northampton Dentist Warns Against Delaying Dental Visits

Northampton, MA – “With an uncertain economy, many Americans are paring down their expenses,” notes Northampton dentist Dr. Lisa Emirizian. “But, regular dental visits are something you shouldn’t cut back on. Avoiding routine dental visits may save you money now, but it will not pay off in the long run. If a dentist recognizes a problem at an early stage, it is easier and less expensive to treat than if it’s found later.” Prevention is an important key to lifelong oral health.

“If they’re uncovered early enough, many serious conditions can be avoided,” explains on of the best  Northampton MA dentists, Dr. Vincent Mariano. “Oral cancer, decay, abscesses, gum infections, tooth wear, and enamel erosion are all more successfully treated in the early stages.” If neglected, these problems become more serious, and more costly to fix.

For instance, a small cavity that is untreated can spread to the tooth’s nerve, where it will cause an infection or abscess. Only then does the patient feel pain and recognize that there’s a problem. But now, instead of a simple filling, the dentist needs to treat it with more extensive and expensive procedures. “Don’t wait until something causes pain,” warns Dr. Emirizian, a Northampton cosmetic dentist. “If you’re experiencing discomfort, the issue is probably more serious and difficult to treat.”

The Northampton dental implants provider also note that a healthy mouth is vital to a healthy body. Infections that start in the mouth can spread all over your body. Experts have discovered links between gum disease and other health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, premature births, and many more.

Furthermore, a dentist is often the first health professional to recognize changes in the patient’s physical condition. Diabetics, for instance, are far more likely to have diseased gums since their infection-fighting capacity is reduced. “We see this quite often,” notes Dr. Mariano. “For example, a patient comes in for a check-up and has had a serious gum infection in the last six months. Sometimes he or she has experienced unexplained weight loss. So, we advise patients to visit their physicians. More often than not, they have undiagnosed diabetes.”

Dentists can also discover: acid reflux and gastroenterological diseases (patients’ teeth are more likely to decay), some auto-immune disorders (which affect the mouth’s soft tissue and salivary glands), liver diseases (which jaundice the soft tissues) and many more.

“Regular visits can help detect and avoid many health problems,” explains Dr. Emirizian, a Northampton dentistry practitioner. “But we can’t help if the patients don’t come in for routine visits.”

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