Invisible Alignment

Once again modern technology has delivered something new to the field of dentistry. This time it is Invisalign. Surely you remember wearingInvisalign Northampton braces with rubber bands. Your mouth was restricted; you could hardly eat or drink, let alone talk. The big change for braces was the introduction of colored elastic bands. Now there are different colors for different days, or maybe for different outfits, but, you still have that metal attached to your teeth.

Metal braces can be painful at times, and they change the appearance of the person wearing them. Food gets stuck between the bands, making brushing and dental hygiene a real chore.

With the advent of Invisalign braces many of the problems with braces are gone. Invisalign braces are clear, making it almost impossible for anyone to notice that they are even being worn. Invisalign braces are comfortable. They’re soft, yet strong. They serve the same purpose as metal braces with none of the problems.

Invisalign braces are custom fit for the patient. Not only are they effective and barely visible, but also they can be removed for cleaning of the teeth and the brace.

So, if you feel that your smile needs a little adjusting, ask your doctor about Invisalign. Invisalign braces are cost effective. They work to correct the alignment of the teeth in the same way as conventional braces but without the discomfort, wires, elastic bands, and other annoying issues that accompany metal braces.

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