Intra-Oral Video Examinations

EMA Dental understands patients want insight about their dental health issues. Nothing helps a patient understand their own dental condition better than being able to see it! That’s why we use a small, intraoral camera to help our patients better understand their diagnosis. Even though the camera is only few millimeters long, it grants our dentists and hygienists a remarkably clear view of your mouth. This translates to more accurate diagnoses. A standard mirror examination fails to identify many of the problems our intraoral camera can spot.

An additional benefit of intraoral cameras is the ability to produce clear snapshots of teeth and gums for our patients’ permanent records. EMA Dental, an East Longmeadow and Northampton family dentistry and prosthodontic specialty practice, can show you the images instantly and share, as needed, with other dental specialists or your insurance company.

Intra-Oral Video Examinations Northampton