Digital Radiography

What is Digital Radiography?

digital radiography

At EMA Dental we utilize digital radiography that provides our professionals with accurate information they need to treat you effectively and efficiently.  Radiographs are an essential aspect of the diagnostic process and coupled with a clinical exam from your doctor could detect hidden dangers in your mouth.

The process of digital radiography has revolutionized using fiber optic technology that is connected directly to our PC software. This produces a crisp, accurate representation

of your oral anatomy and because of the digital nature the images are acquired instantly and can be shared through email just as quick!


What are the advantages of Digital Radiography?

The biggest benefit of digital radiography for our patients is they will receive about half the amount of radiation when compared to conventional, traditional dental films. Our technicians will still utilize a lead apron with a thyroid collar to further minimize the amount of radiation. The digital sensors that go into your mouth are slightly larger than previous, however, our technicians are geared toward patient comfort and utilize many new products and techniques to ensure a pleasant experience.


Who is a candidate for Digital Radiography?

A clinical examination and conversation will determine necessity for this procedure.  Digital radiography remains an invaluable diagnostic tool in the success of maintaining good oral health and establishing dental health plans for our patients.