Digital Impressions

A digital impression replaces conventional impression material for the fabrication of dental restorations such as porcelain crowns, bridges or veneers. Computer assisted design and manufacturing technology is ever-changing and advancing as we approach the digital dentistry revolution. We now have the ability to design, print and mill dental restorations while providing a fast, comfortable experience for our patients. With our Trios 3Shape chair side oral scanner we are able to provide results to create the most aesthetic and accurate restorations.


What does the procedure entail?

The procedure for a digital impression starts with a pre-scan of both arches surrounding the tooth or teeth being prepared. The scanning tool is about the size of an electric tooth brush, is pain free and fast. Once the tooth or teeth have been prepared, the doctor will scan the area of the prepped tooth, ask you to bite your teeth together and scan the bite relationship.


What are the advantages?

Some advantages include not needing to go through conventional dental impressions, most have a 3-5 min set time. Because the information is digital and received immediately the laboratory is able to start fabrication of your permanent immediately so you spend less time in your temporary. Information obtained from your mouth with our digital scanner is extremely accurate and very comfortable.


What are the disadvantages

Traditional permanent restorations in the past and present still have been fabricated by a ceramist using conventional impression material, however, digitally obtained information is computer aided designed and computer aided manufactured CAD/CAM.


Who is a candidate for this service?

A consult and conversation with your doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.



There are three scans required for the process to be complete and they are taken at three different points during your procedure. Each scan should take an average of 1-2 minutes. There is no down time following digital scanning, we just ask that you wait to chew anything until your anesthetic has completely worn off as there is risk of tissue or tongue injury. Prior to your procedure, you will be given a treatment plan covering the cost of your procedure. There is no cost difference between using our digital scanner or conventional impression materials. You will have an opportunity to speak with an administrative insurance specialist prior to your appointment to determine your specific type of insurance coverage and eligibility.