Computer Assisted Virtual Dental Implant Planning and Treatment

Dental Implants
Does the idea of gaining beautiful, strong teeth in only a few appointments sound appealing to you? EMA Dental can make this dream a reality by using a minimally-invasive procedure that gets you back on your feet in no time! EMA Prosthodontics utilizes advanced technology to place dental implants with incredible accuracy. With Simplant™ and NobelGuide™ software, our doctors can fashion 3-D virtual models of your dental anatomy to plan and produce precise surgical guides that lead to optimal dental implant placement.

Benefits for patients:

Maximum comfort
• Flapless surgery is used, which often reduces swelling and discomfort.

Speedy treatment
Dental Implant
• Precision surgical guides can cut surgical duration in half.
• Knowing where implants will be placed prior to surgery often allows us to prefabricate temporary or permanent
teeth for Immediate Function™ at the time of surgery. This drastically shortens treatment time.

Immediate cost savings
• Immediate Function™ and a shorter healing period reduces costly down time from working life.
Dental Implant

Aesthetics Advantages
• Precision placement of implants and reduced surgical trauma provides great aesthetic benefits with a broad range of prosthetic options.