EMA Dental Prosthodontist Explains Dental Implants and Their Benefits

NORTHAMPTON, EAST LONGMEADOW AND SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS — You may be under the impression that the only options for replacing your missing teeth are dentures and bridges. Think again. Dental implants have become a more popular method for replacing natural teeth and restoring self-confidence.

Dental implants are metal posts that are placed into the jawbone via surgery and lie beneath your gum. Once the posts or frames are positioned, the replacement teeth can be fixed to them.

“Implants are designed to take the place of missing teeth, especially where there are no adjacent teeth to attach a bridge to,” said Dr. Vincent Mariano, aNorthampton, MA dentist and prosthodontist who offers a variety of esthetic and restorative services, including porcelain veneers. “They are a good alternative to dentures and bridges, especially for patients who have a regular oral health regimen.”

There are two types of dental implants used by dentists: mini-implants and implant-retained dentures. Mini-implants are smaller in diameter than regular dental implants and help stabilize your lower dentures. They cost less than full-size implants, usually do not involve a gum incision and can be placed within a few hours. Mini-implants can replace individual missing teeth, acting as an inexpensive and permanent solution.

Implant-retained dentures are full or partial dentures that are held in place via two to four dental implants. They are typically used if there are no teeth in the jaw. Traditional dentures tend to shift, causing difficulties in speaking and eating. They can also cause discomfort or may not even be an option for replacing your missing teeth due to sore spots, gagging and other oral problems.

Not only are dental implants a common alternative to dentures, they are also being used in the place of bridges. Bridges require that there are teeth adjacent to those that are missing, which may not be the case in your mouth. Permanent bridges are placed using crowns or a dental bonding agent, as compared to the metal posts that are inserted into the jawbone during the dental implant placement process.

Regardless of whether you choose dentures, bridges or dental implants to replace your missing teeth, what is important is that you have missing teeth in your mouth replaced. Replacing lost teeth can restore your facial structure to its original appearance, decrease your chance of developing gum disease and improve your speech.

Prosthodontists like Amherst dentistry professional Dr. Mariano of EMA Dental are committed to helping you improve your oral health and achieve the smile you have always wanted. They are trained to identify and utilize the best method for replacing your missing teeth and restoring your current teeth. They are glad to help you get on the right track toward reconstructing your smile. Call EMA Dental today to learn more about dental implants and schedule your consultation.

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