Fluoride Treatments

The Power of Fluoride

From getting fluoride trays at school when we were young to crazy John Birch Society members saying that fluoride in the water supply was a Communist conspiracy, everyone has heard of fluoride. And most people have an idea that the stuff if good for your teeth. Well, since we’re all about healthy teeth at EMA […]

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Dentures 101

Dentures have been around since the 7th century BC when the Etruscans in northern Italy made partial dentures out of human or animal teeth fastened together with gold bands. The Romans expanded on the practice. Wooden full dentures were invented in Japan in the early 16th century. Probably the most famous denture wearer was George […]

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Dental Crowns

Give That Cracked Tooth a Royal Treatment

Most people have heard of a crown, but they don’t really know what they are, beyond something Prince Harry will one day wear! At EMA Dental, we use crowns to repair teeth that are damaged and to anchor bridges onto adjacent healthy teeth. A crown is a cap placed over the part of the tooth […]

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Dental Bridge

Bridging the Gap

When you’re missing a tooth, you really have two options, a dental implant or a bridge. And, while at EMA Dental we believe implants are the best option, sometimes patients prefer to have a bridge. Some people think they can simply leave a missing tooth alone. After all, it’s just a single tooth, right? An […]

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Dental Implant

Implants, the Next Best Thing to Your Real Tooth

Sometimes a tooth cannot be saved. Maybe it has been damaged from a sports injury or other trauma. Maybe the decay in the tooth is just too involved to leave enough healthy tooth for a filling. Or maybe, the tooth has been damaged for too long and is dying. In these cases, extraction is necessary. […]

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The Causes Behind Tooth Discoloration

Studies have shown that people respond more positively to people with bright white teeth. They are perceived as younger and more attractive than people with discolored or stained teeth. We offer professional teeth whitening in our Refresh Whitening Spa at EMA Dental, but what the procedure entails can be influenced by the degree of tooth […]

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Root Canal

How Is a Root Canal Done?

People fear root canals because they think they are dreadfully painful. In reality, they are no more painful than getting a typical filling in a tooth. Plus, a root canal can save the natural tooth, which is always the best alternative. So, what’s involved in a root canal? Why you need one Decay is the […]

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Teeth Whitening

What Factors Influence Tooth Discoloration?

Nobody likes to have stained teeth, whether the cause is one too many cups of coffee or taking tetracycline when you were young. Fortunately, there are many whitening options at our Refresh Whitening Spa at EMA Dental — from in-office treatments to at-home whitening kits. The tooth whitening process of your choice, however, should be […]

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Achieving a Perfect Smile

There is no need to doubt your smile any longer. With the help of our treatment, you will feel a new confidence and that smile might even become your own favorite feature. Feeling good about your oral health is important in every outlet of life. Professionally, you want to greet your clients with a firm […]

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