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NORTHAMPTON, MA — Some people are too embarrassed to undergo orthodontic treatment out of fear and anxiety. Children and teens fear teasing, while adults grow anxious about public perception and gawking stares from colleagues and peers.  But, with the advent of invisible Invisalign orthodontics people don’t have to fear orthodontics anymore says Northampton dentist Dr. Lisa Emirzian of EMA Dental.

In just the last ten years, orthodontics has changed drastically. No longer are patients forced to expose their braces to the public while smiling or talking. Rather, this technology conceals treatment so that patients can live their lives worry-free of public scrutiny. If a patient is looking to improve his or her appearance by correcting tooth misalignments, the last thing he or she wants to do is wear braces that attract attention to their less-than-perfect smiles says Dr. Emirzian.

“Recognizing the need for subtler technology, the dental community has responded with invisible braces which conceal brackets, and Invisalign treatment which renders treatment virtually unnoticeable,” adds Dr. Emirzian.
Though traditional braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic methods allcorrect teeth misalignments, they differ in appearance and implementation, providing various options for each patient’s needs.
“One of my favorite experiences is when a patient completes his or her treatment,” says Dr. Emirzian. “The patient is absolutely beaming with pride and joy that they have this new, beautiful look. It’s rewarding to be a part of their self-improvement, and I’m always happy to help.”


For patients who have no patience for metal brackets, Invisalign treatment avoids metal brackets and wires altogether. Invisalign.com notes that Invisalign treatment utilizes clear, plastic tray ‘aligners’ that fasten directly over a patient’s teeth.
The aligners are special made for each patient by Invisalign, and gradually shift teeth into an aesthetically correct position over the course of treatment. Every two weeks, patients visit their dentist for a quick checkup and for their new aligner trays.
“Because Invisalign trays are removable, patients are responsible for keeping the aligners in place at least 22 hours per day,” says Northampton Invisalign dentist Dr. Emirzian. “The only occasion deemed acceptable to remove the aligners is for meals. But, since they are virtually invisible, leaving them in isn’t much of a burden to patients.”
Getting started with Invisalign begins with a consultation with a certified dentist or orthodontist. After the evaluation, a dental impression of the patient’s teeth is taken. These impressions are sent to Invisalign, where the complete set of tray aligners is manufactured for the course of treatment. On the next appointment, the patient receives his or her first trays, and treatment begins.
Average costs for Invisalign are around $5000, with treatment typically taking 12 to 15 months. After treatment is completed, patients are required to wear a retainer to preserve the patient’s new smile.
Invisalign ranks dentists and orthodontists in Invisalign expertise based upon case experience. Dr. Lisa Emirzian is listed on Invisalign’s Web site as a Preferred Provider. This status means that Dr. Emirzian has achieved “Preferred Provider” status, meaning that she has all of the current training and experience to provide Invisalign consultations and treatment. For more information on providers, visitwww.invisalign.com.


Because Invisalign fastens over a patient’s teeth, patients with severely misaligned teeth or missing teeth are not candidates for Invisalign treatment. However, these patients can be treated with traditional braces to correct their misalignments.
In most cases, child patients should be treated with traditional braces, as baby teeth make Invisalign treatment more difficult. Also, for young patients, Invisalign’s clear, removable aligners pose a danger as they can be easily lost. Also, the aligners are made of plastic, which can be easily cracked or chipped.

“People curious about Invisalign treatment should start with questions with their dentist,” says Dr. Emirzian, a Northampton general dentist focusing on esthetic and smile enhancement. “There are several qualifying factors for treatments that need to be identified before treatment begins. But there are more treatments out there than ever, and most patients enter treatment with great optimism and anticipation for a renewed, gorgeous smile.”

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To learn more about Invisalign orthotontics, visit: http://www.emadental.com/ for more information or to schedule a consultation at their Northampton or East Longmeadow locations. Or, if you would like to speak with an EMA Dental team member, call: 413-731- 8800.

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