Dr. Mariano Featured in Implant Article

Amherst, MA – Dr. Vincent Mariano, a Springfield, MA dentist, was quoted in the November 2010 issue of Healthcare News in an article about dental implants. The article described the advantages of using dental implants over bridges or dentures – and detailed recent technological innovations in implants.

Swedish dentist Dr. Ingvar Branemark discovered that titanium tooth implants would fuse with bone. Looking for an expert opinion, the magazine quoted Mariano, a dental implants specialist: “As a result of Branemark’s findings, the way plans are made for tooth replacement has changed significantly….For the first time, we were able to replace a non-removable tooth in the human body and have it attach to human bone….Implants can be used for a single tooth, for multiple teeth, or to stabilize a denture. We can even replace a full set of teeth that are non-removable using multiple implants.”

Recent developments in dental implants have diminished the total treatment time and reduced the process to as little as 45 minutes. All of these advancements mean that patients heal more quickly. The article quoted Mariano, who also is a Springfield, MA porcelain veneers provider: “The trend in all of this is to accelerate the healing process.”

Although not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, various kinds of patients find them beneficial. “Even people with partial dentures can benefit immensely…Dental implants were first developed for denture patients because they had such a poor quality of life,” said Mariano, whose Springfield, MA general dentistry officeprovides a wide variety of dental and prosthodontic services.
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