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shutterstock_140772619Patients with missing teeth often worry about their appearance, struggle to speak comfortably, and have difficulty eating. Missing teeth have also been found to not only negatively impact dental health but the overall health of the patient as well.

To replace one or more teeth in a row, a bridge is a great option. A bridge consists of one or more solid replacement teeth, called pontics, suspended between two crowns. To anchor a bridge, teeth on either side of the space, called abutment teeth, are fitted with the crowns. Bridges are fixed appliances so they cannot be removed by the patient at home. Please click on the link below to learn more about bridgework.

Bridges can be fabricated from a number of different materials. The type of material used is based on individual needs and goals and will be determined by your doctor following a thorough evaluation and discussion with you.

What is the Process and How Long Does it Take

If a patient has decided that a bridge is the most desirable solution to correct missing teeth, it will take a few office visits to complete the process. The first visit involves shaping the abutment teeth to prepare for the crowns if the natural teeth are damaged and then impressions are taken. Your doctor will send your case out to a lab that was carefully chosen to create your crowns and bridgework so that the end result is a dental appliance that will look and perform like your natural teeth for years to come. Once the bridge is back from the lab, you will return to the office to have the fit checked and if so, the crowns and bridge are permanently seated.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

• Provides a more natural, youthful appearance since the jaw, cheeks and lips are full supported by the bridge.
• Improves oral health since missing teeth put stress on the gums, making them more prone to infection.
• Corrects speech problems

Dental Bridges Before & After Preview

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