Dangers in Delaying Dental Visits

Northampton, MA – Northampton dentists Dr. Lisa Emirzian and Dr. Vincent Mariano from EMA Dental warn people not to delay dental visits.
Although economic uncertainties may mean people want to avoid the expense of dentistry, not visiting the dentist can have serious health consequences.
“You may be concerned about your family’s expenses. However, regular visits to your dentist are one thing you shouldn’t cut back on,” says Dr. Emirzian, a Northampton dentist.  Finding reasons not to devote time and money to a dental visit is very easy. But that is only short-term thinking. If the dentist can find a trouble spot while it’s still in the early stages, it is simpler and far cheaper to treat than if it’s discovered later.
Prevention is the primary key to lifelong dental health. Many serious conditions can be avoided or treated if they are discovered early on in the process. “In the early stages, oral cancer, decay, abscesses, gum infections, tooth wear, and enamel erosion are all more easily and successfully treated,” explains Northampton dental implants provider Dr. Mariano.

Untreated, many dental problems can grow more serious and more expensive to correct. For instance, a small cavity that is not treated can expand and spread to the tooth’s nerve, where it will lead to an infection or abscess. It is only at this point that the patient experiences pain and realizes there’s a problem.

Instead of a simple filling, you now need more extensive and expensive treatment to address the issue.  However, the cost of a root canal can be avoided if the decay is removed before it gets to the tooth’s nerve.  “Don’t wait until something causes pain,” warns Dr. Emirzian, awho also is a tooth whitening provider. “If you’re feeling pain, the problem is probably already serious and more difficult to treat.”

The Northampton family dentistry provider also observes that a healthy mouth is key to a healthy body.  Infections that start in the mouth can spread anywhere else in your body. Researchers have also found links between gum disease and other health conditions, including: high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, premature births and many more. Often, a patient’s dentist is the first health professional to note alterations in his or her physical condition. Dental visits can also help detect acid reflux and gastroenterological diseases, some auto-immune disorders, liver diseases and other conditions.
“Regular dental visits can help detect and avoid many health conditions,” says Dr. Emirzian, an extreme makeover specialist. “But we can’t help if the patients don’t visit.”

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