prosthodontic treatment

Prosthodontics to the Rescue!

When a person is missing a few or many teeth, it can really impact their quality of life. Chewing can be next to impossible, requiring the person to miss out on a wide assortment of foods. Speech can be difficult, particularly if front teeth are missing. Smiling can be embarrassing. Prosthodontics is a specialty area […]

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teeth whitening

Whiten Those Pearly Whites in our Refresh Whitening Spa

Most people wouldn’t function without a couple cups of strong coffee in the morning. And what’s relaxation after a hard day at work without a glass of wine with dinner? Unfortunately, these regular pleasures in life can leave your teeth stained and dull. So can healthy foods such as berries, juices, even spaghetti sauce! Fortunately, […]

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The Causes Behind Tooth Discoloration

Studies have shown that people respond more positively to people with bright white teeth. They are perceived as younger and more attractive than people with discolored or stained teeth. We offer professional teeth whitening in our Refresh Whitening Spa at EMA Dental, but what the procedure entails can be influenced by the degree of tooth […]

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Teeth Whitening

What Factors Influence Tooth Discoloration?

Nobody likes to have stained teeth, whether the cause is one too many cups of coffee or taking tetracycline when you were young. Fortunately, there are many whitening options at our Refresh Whitening Spa at EMA Dental — from in-office treatments to at-home whitening kits. The tooth whitening process of your choice, however, should be […]

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