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Removable Replacements

Everyone in Massachusetts, whether a Bruins fan or not, has seen a hockey player appear to have a full set of teeth in an interview. But then when watching a game on TV, the shot of the same player on the bench shows he’s missing a couple front teeth. And he didn’t just lose them […]

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Implant-Retained Dentures for Stability

At EMA Dental, we believe dental implants are far and away the best solution to replace missing or extensively damaged teeth. But in cases where the patient has lost the majority of his or her teeth, dentures are still a more affordable, easier path to take. However, if we combine the two, we can get […]

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Dentures 101

Dentures have been around since the 7th century BC when the Etruscans in northern Italy made partial dentures out of human or animal teeth fastened together with gold bands. The Romans expanded on the practice. Wooden full dentures were invented in Japan in the early 16th century. Probably the most famous denture wearer was George […]

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