Whitening- Refresh Spa at EMA Dental

Many adults in Massachusetts are considering whitening their teeth. At home kits make it look so easy, but do they really deliver? At EMA Dental, we provide you with teeth whitening procedures that are more effective and safer than whitening at home. The Benefits of a Professional Whitening Whitening kits seem easy, but they contain […]

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Teeth Whitening with EMA

EMA Dental is a full service dental office. We try to provide the best quality service while keeping our office comfortable and at-ease. Our patients are our top priority and we do everything we can to improve their dental health. One of our specialties is teeth whitening. With each patient, we individualize their treatment plans […]

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refresh whitening spa

How Refreshing

EMA Dental recently introduced a new concept for those patients who request dental whitening and dental hygiene — the Refresh Whitening Spa. The Refresh Whitening Spa has a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art whitening and dental hygiene services. The Spa has been designed with your comfort in mind; the […]

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