dental care

This Enamel Isn’t Right for Your Kid’s Wagon

Alex, I’ll take human tissue for $300. Answer: The hardest tissue in the human body. Please form your response in the form of a question. If you’re down around the Cape this summer some muscleheads might think they know the answer to that Jeopardy question. And they’ll flex to show you. But they would be […]

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chipped tooth

Uh Oh. You Knocked Out a Tooth. Now What?

Just like a broken water pipe in the winter or power failure, they rarely happen during normal business hours. Dental emergencies are usually the same. At EMA, we have one of our dentists on call to handle your emergencies. Here are some typical dental emergencies and what to do Knocked out teeth You were playing […]

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Dental Hygiene Care

Give Your Teeth the Aretha Treatment

You know you should brush for two minutes and floss every day. But you also know you should get new tires… And you should clean the gutters… And you should stain the deck… And stop eating bacon-wrapped pork rinds! Instead, you take your teeth for granted. You rarely floss, brush haphazardly, open bottles with your […]

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