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Removable Replacements

Everyone in Massachusetts, whether a Bruins fan or not, has seen a hockey player appear to have a full set of teeth in an interview. But then when watching a game on TV, the shot of the same player on the bench shows he’s missing a couple front teeth. And he didn’t just lose them […]

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dental care

This Enamel Isn’t Right for Your Kid’s Wagon

Alex, I’ll take human tissue for $300. Answer: The hardest tissue in the human body. Please form your response in the form of a question. If you’re down around the Cape this summer some muscleheads might think they know the answer to that Jeopardy question. And they’ll flex to show you. But they would be […]

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dental bonding

Bonding — It’s Not Just for Thanksgiving

Bonding. The word may bring to mind the family “bonding” of Thanksgiving, with Uncle Bert, after one too many Sam Adams, loudly comparing the merits of the Bruins vs. the Patriots. At EMA, we prefer a more useful sort of bonding, the dental variety. Dr. Emirzian is an expert in esthetic dentistry, of which dental […]

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prosthodontic treatment

Prosthodontics to the Rescue!

When a person is missing a few or many teeth, it can really impact their quality of life. Chewing can be next to impossible, requiring the person to miss out on a wide assortment of foods. Speech can be difficult, particularly if front teeth are missing. Smiling can be embarrassing. Prosthodontics is a specialty area […]

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Affirm Laser Treatment

Porcelain Veneers. IKEA Would Be Proud.

You know veneers. Sure, they’re the actually wood that overlays lower quality wood underneath in dressers and stuff you buy at IKEA, right? True, but these aren’t the veneers we’re interested in at EMA Dental. We’re interested in porcelain veneers as a great way to cover up imperfections in your teeth, and show the world […]

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Trust the Prosthodontic Specialists at EMA Dental

Do you have plans for National Prosthodontics Awareness Week yet? Come on, it’s coming right up, April 3-9, 2016! OK, so Prosthodontics Awareness Week isn’t on the tip of everyone’s consciousness, but maybe it should be. After all, you don’t have your general practitioner do knee surgery, so why would you have just any dentist […]

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dental implants

Titanium is Your Friend — Implants 101

For many people, there is the impression that dental implants are a relatively new advancement in dentistry. Not so. Implants have been used for tooth restoration for over 50 years. They’ve actually been around longer than that, just not the modern types made of titanium. Archeological digs have unearthed implanted seashells and ivory in the […]

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