Boost Your Confidence with Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening NorthamptonTeeth Whitening Northampton, MA-What do you rank as the most important social assets? They could include how someone dresses, their posture or how firm their handshake is.

However, there may not be a more important social asset than one’s smile. A recent survey in coordination with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry concludes that 99.7 percent of adults admit the importance of a smile, while 96 percent say that an attractive smile makes a person more attractive.

Today, the key in having a beautiful smile consists of how white a person’s teeth are. So why is it so difficult to keep those pearly whites true to their name?

“There are so many causes of tooth discoloration,” says Dr. Lisa Emirzian of EMA Dental. “There are certain factors like smoking and staining foods that can contribute to it. But often times, tooth discoloration is just a part of your genetic makeup and aging process.”
Many people go the route of using over-the-counter methods to have whiter teeth.

Options such as whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, mouth trays and whitening gum all claim to provide great results for consumers. It’s still recommended though that you have a professional exam prior to starting these treatments.

By this point, maybe you’re already invested in a certain OTC method. You’ve followed the instructions and complete the touch-ups when necessary. Can you really know how long the whitening treatment lasts?

“Unfortunately, the results vary,” explains Dr. Emirzian. “You can do everything right and still not see your ideal whiteness. In addition to external tooth discoloration, we experience internal tooth discoloration.”

According to AACD, internal tooth discoloration includes exposure to high fluoride levels, tetracycline, tooth decay and trauma, amongst others. That’s why allowing a professional to handle your teeth whitening needs may be the best investment for you.

At EMA Dental, we provide the finest in-office teeth whitening services. We launched our new Refresh Whitening Spa about eight months ago. Since its inception, patients have raved about their experiences.

“From start to finish, the process is comfortable and convenient,” says Dr. Emirzian. “Patients can finally achieve their ideal smile in the safest way possible.”

Our staff encourages you to consult with us regarding Refresh Whitening Spa in East Longmeadow. We guarantee that you will absolutely love your new smile and that you’ll have a new sense of confidence in all areas of life.

For more information on our teeth whitening services or any of our other treatments, visit our website or call the office. EMA Dental is a proud provider of general dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and prosthodontic specialty care. They serve Northampton, Springfield, Amherst, Longmeadow and surrounding areas.

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